Product Info

Electric Breaker Jackhammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: BH2760VC

The New Brute hits 50% harder than the former.  This jack hammer was meant for heavy-duty applications like floor trenching for pipe, breaking out stairs/risers, creating openings into shafts, breaking asphalt, loosening/breaking hard packed dirt/gravel/clay and confined space work when big power is needed.

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  • Ergonomic handles - new ergonomic shock absorbing handles provide additional user comfort in all day applications
  • Non-slip housing cover - rubberized housing cover helps prevent tool from accidental fall over when the tool is not in use
  • Total portability - operates on 115/120 V AC/DC, 15 Amp outlet or 2500 watt portable generator
  • The plug in anywhere hammer - does not need a compressor