Product Info

Uni-Lift, Taylor Tools, 2 pc Dolly Set

  • Manufacturer: Taylor Tools
  • Model Number: 600

Uni-Lift  #600

 The Uni-Lift turns any heavy object into an easy-to-move 4-wheeled cart without balancing or tipping. Strap a pair of Uni-Lifts onto a heavy object, push the lifting lever, and one person (man or woman) can easily move desks, appliances, machinery...up to 800 lbs. Featuring the patented Sta-Tite belt tightener, large 3" casters and rubber bumper guards, the Uni-Lift quickly and efficiently solves your heavy lifting and bulky moving problems. Comes with attached 1 ft. strap w/buckle and 11 ft. strap w/o buckle plus and extra 7 ft. strap w/buckle.

The Uni-Lift is used by:  Movers, Floor Covering Installers, Carpet Cleaners, Warehousemen, Plant Operators, Office Managers...

To Move: Furniture, Store Displays, Air Conditioners, Machinery, Appliances, Office Equipment, Crates, etc.

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Specifications:  Height: 28"  Width: 22"  Weight: (pair) 45 lbs.  Lifting Capacity: 800 lbs

 Not to be used on stairs or steps