Product Info

Wheelchair Restroom

·         Wheelchair Restrooms are designed for wheelchair maneuverability and also are popular at family oriented events because their spacious interior accommodates parents who accompany children to the restroom.

·         Clean, like-new equipment goes through meticulous  8-Point Service plan to ensure your restroom rental arrives in pristine condition and is kept sanitary throughout your project

Please contact us for current pricing and availability.


·         Non-flushing toilet & urinal

·         (2) Rolls of Toilet Tissue

·         Large interior for maximum wheelchair maneuverability

·         Anti-slip flooring surface

·         No ramp required to access

·         Occupancy indicator provides privacy to bathroom users

Optional upgrades include:

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Hasp, Lock & Key

·         Containment Tray

·         Solar Lighting

·         Disposable Paper Seat Covers

·         Stabilizing Stakes