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BlueBird Power Rake, Thatcher

  • Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment
  • Model Number: 968999417

Dethatching with Power Rakes.  A healthy lawn requires adequate water, an exchange of oxygen and nutrients, and a level of microbial activity in its soil.  A thatch layer acts as an insulator, keeping soil temperatures low and helping to retain moisture.  However, when thatch build-up exceeds 1/2", it can prevent the exchange of water and vital nutrients from the atmosphere to the soil, decreasing the turf's ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.  Dethatching, also known as combing or power raking, is a process that removes unwanted thatch.  It's recommended to dethatch in early spring or late fall to allow the lawn a better chance of recovery after combing.  It is also important to ensure that the blades of your comber are not set too deeply. 

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18" Power Rake, Honda GX160 Engine 4 HP. Weight 144 lbs.