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Backyard Theater Systems, 12' Diagonal SilverScreen Backyard Theater System

Ditch the Cineplex with its 12-dollar snacks, cellphone symphonies and long lines for the comfort of your own backyard. The SilverScreen Backyard Theater Series gives you everything you need to host a spectacular big-screen presentation of your own – an entire backyard movie theater in a box! Okay, you have to supply your own snacks, but we have some great concession items available as well! The SilverScreen Backyard Theater System is ideal solution for: Parks & Recreation Departments, Schools and Universities, Religious Organizations, Hotels & Resorts, Community Centers, Condo & Apartment Complexes, Corporate Meetings & Group Outings. 

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Backyard Theater System includes:

  • 12' diagonal (10' X 7') QuikScreen and Frame.
  • Specially-engineered white screen material with black polyester backing blocks out light while reflecting more of your projector's light for a brighter, more viid outdoor viewing experience.
  • It's easy to setup and take down.  The whole frame and screen assembly goes up in 2 minutes.
  • QuikScreen frame features tie-down rings for use with the provide tie-down stakes and quik release straps.
  • Samsung Wi-Fi enbabled Blu-Ray/DVD player.
  • Deluxe Explorer Two Speaker Sound System.
  • LCD Multi Media Projector