Product Info

EDIC 5 Gallon Carpet Cleaner

  • Manufacturer: EDIC
  • Model Number: 500PS

5 Gallon Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
The Polaris self-contained carpet extractor combines remarkable ease of operation with unbeatable performance and portability to deliver consistent carpet cleaning results at money saving speeds! Patented 4-wheel design combined with lightweight construction allow easy transportation and unparalleled balance and maneuverability if this versatile self-contained carpet extractor.


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Patented 4-wheel design makes turning in tight places easy and balances total weight, even full of water, for easy maneuvering
Lift-off recovery bucket – no drain hose
Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush for consistent carpet cleaning on all carpet lengths and uneven floors
Fully adjustable handle for greater operator ease, increased leverage on stairs and over curbs, and compact storage
Upright-mounted vacuum plus intercooler system extends vacuum motor life
See-through recovery dome