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  • Farm Table

    Manufacturer: Rss Distributors Model: HARTAB8-WL

    • Hand-crafted wooden Farm Tables seats up to 10 guests.  Perfect for country wedding, family style meal, or a coastal dinner.

    • Tabletop constructed from 3/4" knotty pine, light walnut finish.

    • Legs constructed from 4" x 4" fir post stock
    • Table legs can be easily removed for storage and transport
    • Dimensions: 40" wide x 96" long x 30" high
    • Weight: 104 lbs

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Progressive Pro 18" Round Cake Stand, Silver Plated

    Manufacturer: Progressive Pro Model: #AC-88518

    Progressive Pro 18" Round Cake Stand, Silver Plated, is a perfect display stand for beautiful wedding cakes or pastries. Each one stands at about 5" high and features an elegantly embossed design and a beautiful center that is sure to add an exquisite touch to your wedding, bridal shower or formal dinner party.

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Walk-Behind Sweeper

    Manufacturer: Sweepster Model: C36TWH

    Applications: • Sidewalk Sweeping • Driveway Cleaning • Barn Cleaning • Snow Removal • Turf Cleanup • Spring Cleanup on Turf • Retail Outdoor Cleanup
    Features : • Productive sweeping speeds from 0 to 10 mph •  Easy to operate clutch for brush and traction control • Brush angles easily from handle bars • Big 3.00 x 4 tires for traction in snow and on turf • Ground speed 2 mph (3 kmh) covers large areas quickly • 350 rpm brush speed sweeps large accumulations of snow, thatch and debris

    Rental Rates: Day: $68.50
  • BlueBird Power Rake, Thatcher

    Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment Model: 968999417

    Dethatching with Power Rakes.  A healthy lawn requires adequate water, an exchange of oxygen and nutrients, and a level of microbial activity in its soil.  A thatch layer acts as an insulator, keeping soil temperatures low and helping to retain moisture.  However, when thatch build-up exceeds 1/2", it can prevent the exchange of water and vital nutrients from the atmosphere to the soil, decreasing the turf's ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.  Dethatching, also known as combing or power raking, is a process that removes unwanted thatch.  It's recommended to dethatch in early spring or late fall to allow the lawn a better chance of recovery after combing.  It is also important to ensure that the blades of your comber are not set too deeply. 

    Rental Rates: Hour: $44.00
  • Little Wonder 8 Bushel Vacuum

    Manufacturer: Little Wonder Model: 5611-00-01

    Little Wonder Vacuums pick up leaves, acorns, pine needles, pine cones, bottles, cans, even sand and gravel. The 5-bladed steel impellor mulches the debris and cleanly drops it from the top into bag for greater compaction. The wide opening 8 bushel nylon bag is easy to empty with the lever-actuated band that attaches bag securely to unit. Air is directed down and out below the exterior vinyl bag skirt keeping dust away from the air you breathe and your clothes

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Billy Goat 22" Hydrostatic Overseeder

    Manufacturer: Billy Goat Model: OS900SPH

    22" Hydrostaticly driven overseeder with floating head contours the ground and automatically starts or stops seed drop with bale engagement. Intuitive directional controls allows you to verticut and overseed in one pass

    Rental Rates: Day: $100.00